The PSWD has a long tradition of youth-lead programming and events, and the Youth Board is no exception. Adult Observers serve the board in an advisory capacity, providing mentorship, resources, and logistical support for the district’s youth leaders. Acting as “servant leaders”, AOs work with the board members to remove obstacles from their paths and help focus their efforts in productive ways. Providing valuable institutional memory, they work to maintain the culture of the board as a safe, healthy space that embraces and promotes Unitarian Universalist values. Adult Observers are elected by the youth community for two year terms, with a two term limit. Per their advisory role, it is a non-voting position. AOs must have a strong background as DREs or Youth Advisors and be very active in district youth programming.

The current Adult Observers are:

Mary Carter Vail, Director of Religious Exploration at Summit UU Fellowship in Santee, CA

Scott GrantSmith, First UU Church in San Diego, CA

More adult positions:

Rev. Sharon Wylie, minister for Chalice UU in San Dieguito, CA

Amber Alexander, PNWD & PSWD Conference Coordinator based in Portland, OR

Eric Bliss, PWR Youth Ministry Specialist, based in Tennessee? Iunno something like that